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Friday, April 8, 2011

Who Is God?

"Who is God?" I asked. I looked above me, through the trees as He was looking down into my eyes, though I could not see Him. "Daddy, who is God? Anne told me not to take his name in vain. God is someone's name?" Daddy explained over the course of a weekend that God is the one who makes everything. Did he make this parking lot? The answer came back negative. Did he make that farmhouse? No. Did he make the cows? Did he make the corn? Did he make the trees? Yes, yes, yes. Did he make me? Yes, God even made you. It was then that I understood God to be the being that made all things living.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I gather wool from my sheep by brushing their fur. It is very simple.

Today I found out that I'm allergic to impure lanolin. Some people are allergic to lanolin that has not been purified, and I have never taken out the lanolin from my wool, which is done by boiling the wool. All I do is soak the wool in hot water and original dish soap flavor. Then I gently agitate it with my hands. Afterward I go to town in making a few wooly beads. This afternoon, which is my third attempt at making beads, my right palm developed an itchy rash. It went away after I washed my hands with dish soap, then peppermint soap, then icing it, then going on the internet. It is sort of like forgetting that you are hiccuping, but all of a sudden you realize that they are gone.

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